Brett Rennolds MBA DipMC

I am passionate about people and their potential to be the change they want to see. I remain convinced that the resource does exists in the sector(s) to innovate, create and deliver solutions that make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people. I established Dreamkey to provide like minded organisations with the capability, knowledge and insight to affect the changes they want to see.

I am a proven Chief Executive, Non-Executive Director, Thought Leader and Practitioner evidenced by a strong work ethic that maximises my entrepreneurial and innovative approach to problem resolution. I relish the specific challenges associated with business development and the necessary identification, implementation and management of resource to ensure successful strategic expansion.

I am a passionate advocate of collaboration evidenced by a proven ability to work with and influence stakeholders at every level, building relationships and coalitions on mutual respect for service users, people and or organisation(s) possessing the necessary vision, empathy and structure to lead teams at times of change. This commitment to identifying shared solutions to identified problems is supported by analytical thinking, financial acuity and a track record of programme management.

Capability, Knowledge and Insight

  • Capable of providing alternatives to service provision that challenge the established view, identifying financial efficiencies and improving outcomes for the end service user.
  • Ongoing experience of income generation for registered charities, social enterprises and non-profits identifying, implementing and managing collaborations to, diversify income streams, manage grants and secure finance for replication of scalable models..
  • Ongoing experience in the application of business analytics for social benefit; Market Research, Business Planning, Operational Assessment, Strategic Management, Strategic Risk Management and Corporate Finance.
  • Ongoing experience of leading on strategic work streams for business growth, rationalisation, restructuring and organisational change.
  • Experienced in governance and accountability at Board level.
  • Experienced in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-national working practices.
  • A proven insight into the people development that reaches across ages and abilities.

I sincerely believe that relationships ignite change. Please contact me directly for an informal discussion on how best I can help you do more.