| Business Consultancy

We believe that Business Consultancy must reflect identified need. Growth, diversification, rationalisation and or transformation all have the merits but it must reflect the resource, capability and capacity of the organisation. As a voluntary sector specialist we understand the need to value and include our greatest resource; people. Staff, volunteers, commissioners, supporters, sponsors and service users all need to be engaged, involved and included.

| Income Generation

Without a clear understanding of income generation, business development remains unrealised potential.   Charitable income generation embodies a subtle nuance that can only be informed by experience.  Dreamkey has 25 years of experience inclusive of Trusts & Foundations, Major Donors, Corporations, Fundraising, Individuals and Legacies.

Dreamkey can provide capability and resource that adds value to your financial strategy.  Articulation of the service, in line with the funding priorities of the Trust or Foundation is paramount.  It is not enough to simply have a good idea.  The purpose of the funding bid is to assure the giver that the organisation can deliver, remain financially solvent and add value to their vision, purpose and mission.

Dreamkey has generated income of over £5 million for small and medium sized organisations facilitating improved life chances for service users.

| Change Management

Change is planned or unplanned but, is always inevitable. Dreamkey specialises in Change Management able to quickly deploy, support and implement the required change.

Planned change can be representative of evolving market demand, identified need or opportunity. The urgency is to be an early adopter, market leader and continued innovator of products and services. Dreamkey can engage with stakeholders internal and external to ensure all assets are maximised in this endeavour. Key to success is that stakeholders will be ‘done with’ so that the resulting product or service is positively invested in.

Unplanned Change can be representative of a serious or adverse event that results in death, injury or financial loss. In all instances unplanned change can be terminal for an organisation if this change is not managed effectively. Dreamkey has the experience and capability to make a proper assessment of the situation and identify the solutions that are right for the organisation, staff and service recipients whilst appropriately managing the interface of this change with commissioners, funders and supporters.

Change soften intense, disconcerting and frustrating. Dreamkey manages change collaboratively, transparently and sensitively ensuring that the necessary change is facilitated professionally to the satisfaction of all.

| Evaluation

Evaluation provides assurance for funders, builds brand and evidences the impact made. It can inform research, contribute to organisational learning and inform future business development. Evaluation is an inclusive and transparent process that provides stakeholders, at every level, internal or external, to provide an experiential perspective.

As a voluntary sector specialist Dreamkey has the experience of working at grassroots level and empathises with the vocational professional practice embodies by charities. Dreamkey is committed to raising awareness of this work and has proven track record in producing high quality evaluations valued by commissioners and stakeholders alike.

Dreamkey provides Independent, objective, evaluation of projects and services, a fresh set of eyes and confidential ear resulting in a robust and credible report to inform future strategy, operational management and practice making your organisation more efficient, resident and innovative.

| Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is is all about understanding the perceived need, the desired outcomes sought and the resources available. It provides an opportunity to collaborate from the outset, share information so that solutions can be considered and implemented. We we seek to embed our business consultancy beyond our engagement so that optimise an inclusive, effective and sustainable solution for all. So let’s talk!

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