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We believe that people are always learning & developing through formal and informal processes. Organisations that harness and facilitate this will retain a competitive advantage, endure and evolve.
Natasha and Brett are advocates and recipients of learning both formally and informally noticing, savouring and valuing the nuance this affords to their continued professional development.  Both have sought out learning and development opportunities that interest, motivate and advance their professional practice.  This freedom of choice, to self direct their learning has ensured it never stops.

Learning & Development is not simply a ‘box ticking’ exercise and Dreamkey’s approach to this optimises collaboration, coproduction and co-operation ensuring that learners are ‘done with’ and not ‘done to’ ensuring development is assured, sustained and owned.  This owning of the learning by the individual or group ensures they are invested in their continued professional development making a return on investment in Dreamkey beyond the ‘have to’ making it a ‘want to’ learn & develop.

|Continued Professional


Dreamkey will work with you to embed learning & development in your organisation, establishing a culture that puts staff at the centre of their learning & development.  This cultural shift means that staff are ‘done with’ not ‘done to’.  Dreamkey works to understand the motivations, interests and aspirations of staff at all levels.  A comprehensive Learning & Development strategy reflects the current and evolving needs of the organisation.  We seek to advance the appetite for learning if it exists already or nurture and redefine learning where it does not.

Dreamkey will help you to embed learning and development programmes by understanding what is needed and who needs it, design an appropriate intervention, support you to deliver this and then evaluate the impact of this ensuring learning & development never stops.

|Staff Retention

Employees are more engaged when they feel their employer is invested in them, if this is not happening the employee will look elsewhere. A culture of supporting individual learning and development is good not just for the employee but your organisation also.

Consider the time, effort and investment it takes to recruit new staff for the small to medium size charity or social enterprise?  You need staff to, in reality be, emotional shareholders in the organisation.  The emotional shareholder was once considered a vocational employee, earning a living yes, but would always go the extra mile for service users and the organisation that employed them.  This ‘goodwill’ is essential for your organisation regardless of size, turnover or pedigree.  Staff are the lifeblood of any organisation and a culture that puts them at the centre, nurtures, develops and invests in their learning & development will have high levels of staff retention.

A high level of staff retention will reduce the cost to your organisation for recruitment, establishing a sustainable training budget to invest in the Learning & Development of your staff.  Retaining Dreamkey to enable this Learning & Development in your organisation will ensure that the culture of your organisation puts staff at the centre of your Learning & Development strategy.

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